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27 June 2009 @ 11:16 pm
Hi there.

Before I get into what I'm really posting for, I'll introduce myself. I'm Abby. Seventeen. Uhh...saw TLH for the first time last week. I THINK it's the first Keanu movie I've seen, though I'm not sure. Have seen several other Sandra movies.

Long story short I am now a Keanu fangirl.


1. I'm currently writing a Keandra fic. There's like...no plot. But...yeah. Are there people who still check up on this comm that would be interested in reading it? It won't be multi-chapter. Just a one shot. But if it's popular enough, maybe I'll do another.

2. I forget. Darn. Um...oh. There was a Keandra..."thing". It was sort of a fic but it was really a dialogue via telegrams (I believe). The font for Sandra was Pussycat. And it was just them going back and forth. But I can't find it now. Anyone know where it is? I want to look at it again 'cause it warmed the heart.

3. A little more off-topic, but on YouTube, there're some (two that I've seen) videos of Keanu kisses. Anyone know of any others?

Let me know on any of 'em. I'll probably post the fic whether you want it or not. (Can you blame me? Weather in NH is horrendous recently....) I'm excited though 'cause I haven't written in AGES and whenever I get newly obsessed with something (coughkeanucough), I tend to go on a writing spree.

I'll shut up now. ;)
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22 May 2009 @ 09:57 am
I know it's been quite a while since I've been here but it doesn't mean I no longer am interested in Keandra. I still love them as much as always and really hope they do another movie together. Anyway, I've created another Keandra video for all you fellow Keandra fans out there. It's a very different one than the ones I've done previously. I took clips from The Matrix Trilogy, The Lake House and The Net movies to create a mini movie/story where Sandra is frantically searching the internet for Keanu who is trapped inside The Matrix Program. Her deep love for Keanu makes her become unrelentlously determined to hack into The Matrix Program and break the code to free Keanu from his prison. Keanu, sensing that Sandra's searching for him, tries to contact Sandra but his captors, The "Agents"(part of The Matrix Program), try to prevent that from happening. In the end, The Matrix Program is no match for the strong love between Sandra and Keanu. Their strength and determination both helps him break through the code and free himself from The Matrix and into the real world where they finally end up united. I tried to upload this on YouTube but it got blocked due to the song content matching that damn Warner Music Group label that is preventing any videos that have their songs in them from being used. I never understand there greedy industries, don't they realize we are promoting their songs every time someone watches our videos? Oh well, I figured this is mainly for Keandra fan anyways so at least the Keandra fans here can view it. I hope you all enjoy it. I miss ya all, Cheryll and Belle especially. :)

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22 November 2008 @ 05:10 pm
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13 May 2008 @ 03:53 am
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay it's been a long while since I last posted but I just wanted to share with you the pic that Jena found hehe. This is certainly new to me . Love it soo much hehe.

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02 May 2008 @ 10:59 am

Hi All! 

I'm back with a second video! For those of you who liked my first one and left such lovely comments, thank you, you inspired me to make another LH vid :) This one is done to Iris, which in my experience is made into a video for just about every show you can think of, and I'm so happy to give the LH it's first one ( at least I think so! lol! ). Well I guess I'll put an end to my rambling, I hope you all enjoy! 

Song: Iris, by The Goo Goo Dolls  

PS: Keandra forever!
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23 April 2008 @ 10:08 pm
I can't believe our beloved Keandra have both been in turmoil lately.

I was totally shocked to hear about Sandra and Jesse in the car accident with a drunk driver. Here's an article about it...http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/04/19/sandra-bullock-car-crash/ I am so glad and relieved she is okay(and Jessie too, of course). I was working at the time when I heard the news on the radio and I actually told my co-worker to shut up so I could hear it because she was talking at the time...lol. I was so relieved when they said Sandra was unhurt. My co-wroker said "Gee, you would think she's related to you or something being how concerned you were." to which I replied "She's very important to me. She's my favorite actress and she the female half of "Keandra" Of course she didn't understand so I had to explain..lol.

And now come to find out Keanu is being stalked by an obsessive fan. There is a thread on the Keanu Reeves IMDb message board about stalking Keanu fans and I read about this one obsessed fan that has been stalking Keanu for quite some time. She even has a blog website where she talks about how her and Keanu are meant for each other and how she keeps saying that Keanu must call her and answer her letters. After reading her blog, it is very scary and I wonder what is being done to protect Keanu from this weirdo. Here's here blog. Read it for yourself and see...

Gosh! Our poor "Keandra" Please pray that they will both stay safe. I still swear to this day if they would have gotten together, they would have been more fullfilled and happier but hey, what do I know, I'm just their fan wanting to see them safe and happy.
Hugh Laurie admits a MAN crush on Keanu Reeves!

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Big pictures, Trailer in post right here at ONTD.
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Are Keanu Reeves and Parker Posey making more than quirky movies? The odd couple was spotted canoodling together at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont, reports OK! magazine.

"They were sharing a seat and sitting very, very close," a source tells the mag. "It was probably the oddest couple I've ever seen."

Odd? We actually think the homegrown Speed star and the indie film queen make a great match. It's been a while since we've seen the 43-year-old actor romantically attached (we're choosing to repress those icky rumours about him and Diane Keaton), while Posey, 39, has a known soft spot for troubled, scruffy souls. She was previously linked to rocker Ryan Adams.

Plus, if we squint really hard, we can almost pretend she's Sandra Bullock, whose undeniable chemistry with Reeves makes crappy movies like The Lake House almost tolerable.


Yes! Ha. I love this. :) Looks like we aren't the only ones out there!
16 March 2008 @ 05:34 pm
A new post for all you Keandra fans! Enjoy! Please comment and credit. Please no hotlinking! Thanks.